Dec/5/2003 (Fri)

On a clear Christmas eve night, Martin  Luther was walking 
home through the forest.  Beyond the crisp, fragrant branches of the evergreens, he could see the twinkle of a thousand stars.

The branches appeared to Luther as though they were wearing stars on their fingers.  It must have been a beautiful sight, 
and on this special night it was an experience of God's
splendour that he wanted to share with his family. 
He cut a small fir tree and carried it back to his home.

As his children watched in wonder, Luther lighted candles
as stars and placed them on the little tree's branches. 
The family must have stood together that night around
the little tree and sung hymns of wonder to their Lord. 

Though we do not know if this was really the first
Christmas tree, down through the ages Christians have 
carried on this tradition.  For many, the evergreen tree,
in Latin the 'Lignum vitae' or the 'Tree of life,'
represents many wonderful truths from Scripture.

Its green and lively branches are a vivid symbol
of resurrection during a cold and barren season.
Joni Eareckson Tada


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 あ、そうだ!タイトルは「The Christmas Tree Legend 〜 クリスマスツリーの伝説」です。クリスマスツリー発祥の地ストラスブールにふさわしい絵本でしょう?


O Christmas Tree 

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